Wednesday, July 30, 2014

thank you from FINconceivable


Thank you for sharing and talking about FINconceivable! This has been such a fun experience watching my student film make waves across the internet. I have connected with so many excited people - educators, scientists, and enthusiasts alike! And many fantastic organizations have shared FINconceivable. I selected just a few to document some of the kind words said about my short film.

Special "thank you" to those who have been so considerate in sharing FINconceivable knowing that my film is, at it's core, art. Always remember to be courteous when you share content online, give credit where you can and never steal/modify content without permission.

Keep spreading the shark and ocean knowledge!
Education can open our minds, and art can inspire us to do great things!

Lets save sharks!

- Lily

Edit: Subtitles and other things in the works! Thank you for your interest in making that happen!