Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Beat Freaks

I find these women pretty inspirational and empowering. Who wouldn't?!

From Left to Right: Bgirl Bonita, Alison Al* Faulk, Lady Jules Urich, Teresa Espinosa, Rino Okinawa, Keeley Lock-N-Key, Maryss from Paris, Alex "Bgirl Shorty" Welch and Lindsay B.

From Left to Right: Bgirl Shorty, Teresa Espinosa, Keeley "Lock N' Key", Maryss from Paris, Rino, Lindsay B, Bonita and in the front, Alison Alstar Faulk and Lady Jules Urich.

This girls are crazy talented! Check out both drawings on my Deviant Art! The Beat Freaks on!

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